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Benefits of Time To Pet

When I started my pet care business I spent a lot of time thinking about how to best serve my customers. I wanted to create an experience that exceeded my client’s expectations of what pet care should be. I had two major goals in mind:

  1. To make the client experience as simple and convenient as possible.

  2. To provide my clients with peace of mind while they’re away from home.

My software system, Time To Pet, has many features that help me achieve these goals.


Time To Pet makes it easy to provide important details in your client and pet profiles. Your sitter will reference this information every time they arrive for their visit (feeding and medication instructions, emergency contact information and preferred veterinarian etc.). Having this information on hand at our visits makes it easier for us to provide exceptional pet care (vs. having to remember verbal instructions from our meet and greet). It also means we won’t have to bother you with a text or call if we happen to forget where Fido’s leash is kept or what Fluffy’s favorite treat is.


You can communicate directly with your sitter or walker on the Time To Pet app. This is the ideal way to update us, ask questions or simply check in. Not only are the conversations saved for future reference but they’re also accessible to other staff members so we never miss a detail.


Requesting services on Time To Pet is very simple. You can choose your visit type, date and time window without ever having to call us. You can also submit visit change requests or cancellations.


We send report cards after every visit with the hope that it brings you peace of mind. This is my favorite feature of Time To Pet for many reasons. Every report card includes check-in and check-out times so you never have to question whether we showed up or not. All dog walks include GPS tracking so you can see the exact route we took. Report cards also allow us to send tons of cute photos and provide details of the visit, such as if Fluffy took her medication successfully.


All payments can be made directly on Time To Pet, using our Stripe payment processor. Once you enter your credit card information, we will automatically charge the card on file when an invoice is due. That’s one less thing you have to worry about! You can view your invoices at any time on the app as well.


Have a question about our policies or service agreement? Wondering about the cancellation policy or what we do in the case of inclement weather? You have any-time access to your signed documents on Time To Pet.


Download the Time To Pet mobile app so all your pet’s information and updates are at your fingertips!

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