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Proudly serving: Suffield, W. Suffield, Granby, E. Granby,

Enfield, Windsor, E. Windsor and Windsor Locks

Whether you work long hours or want to provide your dog with consistent exercise during the day, our dog walking service is your solution! Our one-on-one dog walking visits include a joyful stroll through your own neighborhood with plenty of opportunities to sniff, stretch and enjoy the fresh air.

We offer three walk lengths:

15 Minutes ($17.00)

Every dog benefits from a mid-day potty break, especially puppies and senior pets who may not be able to "hold it" as long. This is the perfect option for those dogs that just need a quick walk and stretch of the legs. Just enough time to take in a few new smells too!

30 Minutes ($22.00)

The benefits of consistent, daily exercise are endless. Veterinary professionals agree that walks can help keep your pup mentally stimulated, prolong their life and help reduce the risk of obesity. Our 30 minute stroll is our most popular option for this reason. We typically keep our walks one-on-one, unless you have two to three dogs who walk easily together. 

60 Minutes ($32.00)

For active or high-energy dogs that need a little more exercise, a 60 minute jaunt around their neighborhood is ideal. You'll be giving your dog an adventure to look forward to! There's nothing better than a tired and happy pup!

Don't see an option that suits your dog's individual needs? Feel free to Contact Us!

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