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Proudly serving: Suffield, W. Suffield, Granby, E. Granby,

Enfield, Windsor, E. Windsor and Windsor Locks

15 Minutes ($17)

Typically reserved for one-pet households, this short drop-in visit is ideal for small pets, a backyard potty break or checking on shy kitties. We're happy to complete quick tasks in this time frame, such as feeding, refreshing water bowls and scooping litter boxes. 

30 Minutes ($22)

A 30-minute pet sitting visit is perfect for backyard play time or cuddles on the couch. This visit length also allows time for medication administration, feeding, refreshing water bowls, scooping litter boxes and spoiling your pet with their favorite toys and treats. 

60 Minutes ($32)

This hour-long visit option is great for multi-pet households because it allows us to give each pet plenty of attention. You might consider a 60-minute visit for pets that require more complicated medications, close supervision or separation while eating, extra TLC or time exercising in the yard. 

Please be sure to book an appointment time long enough to cover your pet's needs! If you are unsure, we're happy to assist.


Don't see an option that suits your pet's individual needs? Feel free to Contact Us!

Going on vacation or away for the weekend? Taking a business trip? Working overtime? Relax and rest easy knowing your pet is well cared for. Whether your best friend is a cat, dog, bird, hamster, fish or turtle, we'll be there to care for them in the comfort of their own home while you're away. 

We offer three visit lengths:

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