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Proudly serving: Suffield, W. Suffield, Granby, E. Granby,

Enfield, Windsor, E. Windsor and Windsor Locks

We understand that travel can seem impossible when you own farm animals and finding a knowledgable, trustworthy sitter can be a challenge. We're here to help! We love caring for horses, donkeys, chickens and goats and are happy to set up a farm care schedule for your next trip. 

We offer two farm visit lengths:

30 Minutes ($32)

Our half-hour visit is designed to be a quick check on a small number of farm animals. This visit is ideal for tasks such as simple feeding, refreshing waters, turn in or out or a quick stall cleaning.

60 Minutes ($42)

An hour-long visit is the most ideal appointment time for horses and other farm animals because it allows us to give each individual plenty of attention. We're able to spend more time assessing health and safety as well as stall and yard cleaning, more complicated feeding routines, mediation administration, cleaning and refreshing water buckets, turn in or out, blanketing, grooming and TLC.

Farm animals can be unpredictable and often require more time than anticipated. Please be sure to book an appointment time long enough to cover all of their needs! If you are unsure, we're happy to assist.


Don't see an option that suits your farm friend's needs? Feel free to Contact Us!

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